AC Volt Sensor 

Part No: EG.314 | 110-690 V AC input

Used for industrial machines using more than 230V (formerly EG.316).

Industrial Timer

Part No: EG.317

Commonly used for welding, floor sweep, and other cleanup applications

AC/DC Volt Sensor 

Part No: EG.319 | 24-230 V AC or DC input

Used for workstations using 230 V or less, or connected to PLC control logic

Current Sensor

Part No: EG.H608

Used on simple tools (such as a chopsaw) or on industrial machines equipped with a VFD


Proximity Sensor 

Part No: EG.320

Used on a conveyor line to detect passing material before it enters a workstation. Material must pass within 0.3” of sensor.

Occupancy Sensor

Part No: EG.322

Detects operator in range 3"...22" (in approx 30 degree angle) from sensor. Typically used for sanding tables, polishers, and welding booths.

Laser Sensor 

Part No: EG.325

Detects operator or product in range 2.5 - 196 inches from sensor. Typically used for sanding tables, polishers, welding booths, wide belt sanders, and CNC machines. Detecting range is programmable.

Safety Contact Mat

Part No: EG.323

Typically used for a workstations without electrical installations for example a sanding table

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