Threading the Needle: Dust Collection for Shot Blasting Machines

We have a new guest post published at the Dust Safety Science website & blog – take a look!

In the article, we look at the unique challenges for dust collection that are posed by shot blasting machines.

The Ecogate greenBOX Master controller can automatically maintain precise drop air velocities for shot blasting applications.

Generally speaking, getting “good performance” from an industrial dust collection system is a matter of getting “enough” – enough air velocity at all drops such that waste material is reliably picked up, enough air velocity in the ducting system such that the waste material does not settle there, and so on.

In shot blasting applications, however, getting too much suction is also a problem, because this causes the abrasive material to be sucked away, which is a costly loss.

To solve this challenge, we developed a unique feature that ensures that the section is always in the right range, however that range is defined by the user for each specific application.

Read more about how we do that on the Dust Safety Science website

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