Synsor Retail Innovation find capacity to grow with Ecogate

Synsor Retail Innovation was founded in a garage in Washington state in 1971. Since then, the company has been integrating materials and technology to build powerful retail experiences for clients such as Starbucks, Costco, Microsoft, Hunter Douglas, and Kroger.

In 2015, the Synsor continued to expand its manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand. The additional machines threatened to push the existing 200 HP dust collection system past its limits, which could lead to poor suction in some areas. That’s when Synsor realized that Ecogate could help.

With Ecogate, air is only exhausted from workstations that are producing dust at any given point of time, so a fan of a given size can service more workstations than with a traditional system. This was exactly the case with Synsor.

Ecogate uses 71% less power to provide dust collection for the machines at Synsor than a typical system would.

The system at Synsor is now controlled by a single greenBOX MASTER unit, which manages all 32 Ecogates as well as the Power Master Variable Frequency Drive for the 200 HP dust collector.

The dust collection system fan uses 71% less power now than would be required with a typical system servicing the same number of workstations. The system is fully automated, even stopping automatically during shift breaks.

Due to the outstanding energy efficiency of the Ecogate system, the return-on-investment for Synsor’s project is just 1.05 years.

For Synsor, Ecogate makes sense for the bottom line as well as for their strong commitment to sustainability.

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