Madison Area Technical College saves electricity in Cabinetmaking Lab with Ecogate

The Cabinetmaking and Millwork program at the Madison Area Technical College provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and complete projects in cabinetry, furniture, and millwork. In the program’s well-equipped shop, students can work on larger scale projects in partnership with local businesses to gain comprehensive experience.

Cabinetmaking and Millwork Program Director Patrick Molzahn with students Lauren and Felix. Photo courtesy of Tadsen Photography.

Program director Patrick Molzahn is also the coauthor of Modern Cabinetmaking, a comprehensive textbook on the techniques used by custom cabinetmakers and home woodworkers.

Ecogate designed the new dust collection system for the lab to have optimal energy efficiency. Controlled by a state-of-the-art greenBOX MASTER, the system uses approximately 80% less kWh than a traditional system would need to service all 36 workstations.

Ecogate designed the new dust collection system for the lab to have optimal energy efficiency.

A unique feature with a lot of value for the lab is the automated Ecogate Monthly Summary, a standard feature on all greenBOX Master systems. This includes electricity use details as well as the utilization for each machine. “The machine utilization report is really cool,” Patrick Molzahn says. “It can inform decisions such as where to focus preventative maintenance.”

An automated monthly report with electricity use and workstation utilization details is a standard feature of each greenBOX Master system.

The email format of the summary also makes it easy to share the data with other stakeholders. In Patrick’s case, this includes the Building Engineer as well as his students. The data will be useful in presentations and discussions on Lean Manufacturing.

“The system has been flawless,” Patrick concludes.

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