Happy May Day

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

The evolution of May Day across the world has taken on many different meanings, from a celebration of the first days of spring to a global celebration of workers.

We live in an age where computers and machines are increasingly taking over many manufacturing tasks, and many of us are working white collar jobs. At Ecogate, we go into factories in a range of industries, including woodworking, printing, food processing, as well as automotive & aerospace. Everywhere we go, we are reminded that the backbone of industry is the worker. We see workers who come in day after day, actively working to make their factory a more efficient and productive place to work, sometimes for multiple decades in the same factory.

Our own work at Ecogate to make the factories of the world more energy-efficient, cleaner, safer, and quieter is still very much in progress, and we realize that yours is, too.

So our hats go off to you on this May Day: may you continue to make a difference in your factories, and may your work be recognized for all the products it creates across the world.

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