Global Wood Group Case Study on Motor Systems Management

We recently came across a great case study on Motor Systems Management prepared by Vladimir Rabinovitch from Global Wood Group, a furniture manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada.

Global believes that they have a “responsibility to safeguard the environment and minimize the use of energy resources”, and began their journey towards greater energy-efficiency by considering their total electricity use:


The two obvious targets for energy efficiency upgrades were the dust collection and compressed air systems, which together make up more than half of the entire facility’s electricity use.

For dust collection, Ecogate was the obvious choice. By controlling the fan motor speed to match demand in real-time while using automatic blast gates to provide air flow only to machines in use, Ecogate reduced the average total load for the two dust collectors from 142 kW to 72 kW, a 49% reduction. This reduced the plant’s total electricity bill by about 15%, resulting in annual savings of about $33,600.

To read the full case study, including upgrades to the dust collection system and changes in how compressed air is used in the facility, click here.

The Ecogate system was installed by Quebec-based SyEnergy Integrated Energy Solutions.

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