Ecogate reduces Renewal by Andersen’s Electricity Use by 110,000 kWh per Month

Ecogate recently completed the installation of a greenBOX Master system at the Renewal by Andersen factory in Cottage Grove, MN. The factory in Cottage Grove, MN was recently expanded by 125,000 square feet, adding approximately 200 jobs.

Many new machines were added in the expansion. A new dust collection system was put in place to supply all of the machines with good dust extraction.


To design the new system, Mark Dupre, Technical Leader I at Andersen Corporation, worked together with Ecogate. Andersen has a strong corporate sustainability program, and the company works to “continuously uncover new ways to reduce our overall environmental footprint, while maximizing our positive impacts across the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.”

Ecogate, as the maker of the world’s most advanced and energy-efficient dust collection control system, is a perfect provider.


The new dust collection system is serviced by a single 400 HP fan. Each machine is equipped with an automated Ecogate, which opens to provide dust collection when necessary, and closes when the machine is not in use. A Power Master Variable Frequency Drive modulates the fan motor speed to match the system air volume to the requirements of all the machines in real-time. The system always maintains transport velocities, and also starts and stops automatically.


Compared to a traditional system of the same capacity, the Ecogate-controlled system at Renewal by Andersen used less than half the electricity.

“Overall, I’m very impressed with Ecogate,” says Mark Dupre.

At the current rate, Ecogate is projected to lead to annual electricity savings in excess of 1,300,000 kWh, while providing superior dust collection and other benefits. This is a great step for the bottom line as well as for the environmental footprint of the factory.

“I am glad we did the project,” Mark concludes, “and look forward to doing more.”

Read the full case study here

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