Ecogate Perfect Fit for NYU Sculpture Shop

The NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development was founded in 1890. The School is based at NYU’s campus in Greenwich Village and has programs in the fields of applied psychology, art, education, health, media, and music.


The School’s art department features a well-equipped sculpture shop, which includes both woodworking and metalworking & welding machines. Machines include a CNC router, panel saw, Sawstop table saw, compound miter saw, vertical and horizontal bandsaws for both metal/woodworking, an air compressor system and downdraft table for sanding.


“It’s important to us to have a well-equipped, modern shop,” says Sculpture Shop Manager Gustabo Velazquez. That’s why the school was quick to embrace the Ecogate on-demand dust collection revolution: Ecogate was first installed in the shop in 2006.

In contrast with traditional systems, Ecogate provides dust collection precisely when and where it is needed. This is perfect for the instructional setting of the Sculpture Shop, where machines are used intermittently.

Because Ecogate automatically turns the dust collection system off when all machines are powered down, the entire shop becomes quiet. This makes it much easier to discuss the work with students.

By using a Variable Frequency Drive to regulate the speed of the dust collection fan motor to precisely match machine needs in real-time, Ecogate also makes the system run much more energy-efficiently.

“The Ecogate system has been super,” concludes Gustabo.

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