Car Manufacturer Plans Point To a Greener Future

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

In a 2017 survey by the EPA, Industry and Transportation accounted for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions. Details on the plans by some Automakers to curtail this suggest a greener future for us all.

Smog-forming emissions trend

What are some automakers doing towards renewable energy?

Toyota announced plans to reduce emissions from its U.S. operations by 40 percent over the next three years as part of its plan to operate emissions-free by 2050.

General Motors has announced plans to use 100 percent renewable electricity in its operations by 2050, and has a program to require its suppliers to do the same.

Volkswagen has its own plans to move to renewable energy and now also requires its suppliers to cut carbon emissions.

Reducing factory emissions

As automakers focus on emissions from their cars, more and more they’re also looking into the emissions from their factories and other operations to help reduce the life-cycle emissions from their cars. Running factories on renewable energy can help off-set some of the additional energy required to build large batteries for electric cars. Green Car Reports

Like these car manufacturers, Ecogate helps your company reduce its overall emissions by significantly reducing the amount of electricity you use on your shop floor.

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