Auditoria Services Applauds DCS Service & Ecogate Controls

A recent issue of the UK’s Panel, Wood & Solid Surface magazine featured a nice write-up about the installation of a new dust extraction system at Auditoria Services in Rotherham, UK by Dust Control Systems Ltd. (DCS) – complete with an Ecogate control system.

Auditoria Services recently got a brand new dust extraction system from Dust Control Systems Ltd., including a Ecogate dust collection controls.

Auditoria was consuming over 93,000 kWh of electricity per year and, with electricity costs rising year on year, the option to invest in the Ecogate system and reduce power consumption by at least half was a no-brainer for Auditoria.

You can read the full issue the Panel, Wood & Solid Surface magazine here (PDF), and the case study on pages 6-7.

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